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HomeNewsFour Afghans Arrested After Reported Rape At Kent School

Four Afghans Arrested After Reported Rape At Kent School

Four male asylum seekers have been arrested in connection to the rape of a girl, 15 in Dover.

The four Afghans, aged 13, 15 & 16, attended the same school as the girl. It’s alleged one raped her at school while the other three ‘acted as lookouts’.

The Afghan boys arrived unaccompanied last year are reportedly in the care of Kent county council’s social services, and were placed at the school in Dover.

Kent police confirmed they were investigating the incident and said that the four boys had been released on bail while inquiries continued. A spokesman for Kent police said it is ‘investigating a report of a sexual offence involving a teenage girl and a teenage boy in Dover on the afternoon of Monday 6 February 2023’. 

There has been no comment from local charity Care4Calais.

It is time that the Government realise that some of these migrants live by different rules to us. There is no point allowing them to roam in our society whilst their asylum applications take months or even years to process.

Without the proper security checks, they could be letting in all sorts of criminals. Now that there are children potentially involved in serious crimes, it is time that the whole issue of immigration is urgently reviewed, for the safety of all of us.

On Friday, 110 people in three boats crossed the Channel, bringing the total number of people brought to the UK this year to 2,070. There have now been more crossings in 2023 than in January and February of 2022 combined.

890 people have been brought to shore in 20 boats in February 2023 so far

Analysts estimate that a fifth of migrants who entered the UK via small boats last year were unaccompanied children. Afghans are said to make up a large population of the unaccompanied minors entering the UK. Once the children are in the UK, then the families are able to follow on later.

Ministers have not ruled out deporting unaccompanied children as part of the proposed plan to send migrants to Rwanda. The controversial scheme has been mired in legal challenges and so far no flights carrying migrants to the African nation have departed. But so far nothing has happened and the Government appear to be sleepwalking into another national crisis.

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