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KCC Waive Fee For Coronation Street Parties

Kent County Council has announced that it is waiving the fees for coronation street parties to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. Well, it’s not like the council need the extra money is it?!

You can apply to close a road for a street party and to attach lightweight bunting or flags to streetlights to celebrate. The coronation will take place on Saturday May 6 2023, which is eight months on from his automatic appointment as King on September 8 2022

The official KCC webpage states that:

If you have been given permission to host a street party, the event must be:

  • organised for residents and neighbours only
  • free to attend
  • on a residential road (for example a cul-de-sac or where traffic is not able to access another road from the event road) where only resident traffic will be affected.

The event must not:

  • damage the road surface
  • disrupt local residents with music or other noise
  • be on a road which needs to be used to access shops or other businesses
  • be on a road which provides access to a public car park (other than a residents only car park)
  • involve any commercial activity within the road closure area.

You must make sure:

  • all rubbish is cleared up
  • signs are clearly visible to all road users
  • access is still possible by emergency service vehicles
  • disabled drivers can still access disabled parking bays.

You can apply for your road to be closed on the official KCC website here.

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