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French Claim Using Royal Navy is ‘Dangerous’

A French politician has claimed that the UK’s idea to bring in the Royal Navy to prevent migrants crossing the Channel is ‘dangerous’.

Pierre-Henri Dumont, the National Assembly member for Calais, said “What is the British navy going to do if it sees a small boat? Is it going to shoot the boat? Is it going to enter French waters? It’s a political measure to show some kind of muscle but technically speaking it won’t change anything.”

The statement from the French policitian is exactly what the people of Kent expected to hear, as migrant crossings continue to hit new records. The French Navy have done nothing to stop the crossings and there have even been rumours that they have been assisting migrants with their journeys.

A further 20 Syrian migrants in a boat were picked up by the UK Border Force on Monday morning, as more than 4,000 people have successfully crossed the Channel from France in small boats so far this year.

Mr Dumont claimed that his officials have to monitor 300 miles of coastline and that they do not have the financial means to “have a police officer every 10 metres.” But there is no incentive for the French to stop the boats, as once they enter UK waters, it becomes a UK problem.

they need to stop the sale of small boats to people without ID

Uk Home Secretary Priti Patel was seen in Dover on Monday and was seen disembarking from a police boat that had been in the English Channel earlier in the morning. A spokeswoman said it was a “private visit” and the Home Office would not be commenting on the reasons for her being there. Probably because she has run out of ideas to stop the problem!

Perhaps the French should be looking at those supplying the small dinghies and boats rather than trying to monitor miles of coastline. These boats are mainly brand new, so there is a good chance they are being sourced from businesses near the coast.

If the French only sold boats to those with a passport and took details of all customers, it may stop boats being sold to people traffickers.

If the Royal Navy are not allowed in French waters, perhaps a stand-off at sea is required for the authorities to finally resolve this problem. With the French seemingly unwilling to help, the UK will need to get tougher to stop the migrants crossing.

On Monday afternoon, a group of Conservative politicians has called for tougher action against the rising number of migrants crossing the English Channel. The 23 Tory MPs and two peers said ministers must do “whatever it takes” to address attempts from migrants to enter the UK using small boats. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has pledged to work with France to stop channel crossings, so don’t hold your breath on anything changing soon!

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