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HomeNewsGood Luck Finding Police In East Kent Today

Good Luck Finding Police In East Kent Today

As many people return to work today after the long Easter Bank holidays, there are still a fair few enjoying some time off.

This would seem to apply to police in East Kent today who appear to be having an extended long holiday.

First, we found a message from Kent Police in Ramsgate, letting everyone know that the front counter will be closed today. Not a problem we thought, as there must be another local police station nearby.

Only then did we receive a follow up message from Kent Police.

You guessed it, the front counter at Dover will also be closed from 1pm today. So now if you want to find a police officer, you had better search a little further afield.

Let’s all hope that there is not a surge of people crossing the Channel today, or they could be running amok in East Kent before anyone is even able to find a working police officer today!

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