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Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease Spreading in North Kent

There as been an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth in Kent, which is spreading across the county. Hand, foot and mouth is a virus which can be passed on through bodily fluids.

The virus (which is not related to foot & mouth disease, which animals get) can incubate for a couple of weeks before signs appear.

There are no anti-biotics that can be prescribed and the best cause of action is to let the virus run its course. Ensure the patient is kept hydrated and rested. They may loser their appetite, especially if their mouth is sore, so soft foods are recommended.

this virus can be easily spread so keep an eye for any of the symptoms

Early signs of the virus are tiredness, headaches and nausea, followed by a high temperature. A few days later, red spots and ulcers will appear in the mouth. There could be further spots on the palms and fingers, as welll as on the feet. These spots will change into blisters which will take 7-10 days to subside.

During this time, the person is still infectious, so ensure that all sneezes are into tissues and that seperate towels are used. Wash hands thoroughly and do not allow patient to touch others food, or share kisses etc…

Although you can contract the virus more than once, it is unlikely as your immune system will be mor eused to it. Children should be kept off school until they feel better and the red spots have subsided. This is not a virus that you need to be to oconcerned about, but do be careful, as it will leave you feeling unwell for a week or two.

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