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Keep Yourself Busy During Lockdown

Although many people are in lockdown during this difficult time, there are some good things that can come out of the gloom. Reports suggest that up to three quarters of private sector workers have been furloughed, so they have plenty of unexpected time on their hands.

So what can you do to make the most of this unscheduled sabbatical, that you normally would not have time to do?

1. Spend some quality time with your children – Play games with them, help them with their homework or do some crafts.

2. Sort out those kitchen cupboards – It’s a great time to do that spring cleaning. It may not be the moist enjoyable use of your time, but it’s probably well overdue. Plus you will have some incredibly tidy cupboards afterwards.

3. Decorate a room – This one is dependant on you having the right equipment at home, but even if you don’t, you can probably make a start by stripping some old wallpaper or tidying up the space. You could even create some mood boards so you will be ready to go once restrictions are removed.

4. Meet new people – This may sound a bit odd as we are self-isolating, but if you go for a walk, you may see your neighbours or meet someone new. As long as you keep your distance, you will probably find that people have more time to say ‘hello’ than normal.

5. Bake some sweet treats – Put your culinary skills to good use by cooking some home treats. You could put them out at the front of your house for people to help themselves as they walk past and create a bit of happiness.

6. Learn a new skill – With so much free time, this is your chance to learn something new. There are plenty of courses online and videos where you can be taught. Increase your knowledge or learn about something that you have always wanted to know.

7. Get fit – With daily life being so busy, there is never any time to do something energetic. Now you have plenty of time to get out in the garden or do some weights indoors. Start with a daily schedule of exercises and build it up day by day.

8. Call a friend – If you cannot see your friends, why not pick up the telephone and call someone. They will appreciate that you have taken the time to call them to see how they are.

9. Do the garden – There never seems to be enough time to get your garden sorted and looking fabulous. This is your time to do a little bit of work every day, enjoy some fresh air and have the best looking garden in your street.

10. Write a story – If you enjoy putting pen to paper, why not write a story. You can do a few pages a day and soon you will have your first book. Or you could write a story for our website, about something happening in your community and see your article published online.

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