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Stolen Charity Minibus Found Burnt Out

An Alzheimer’s Dementia charity minibus, which was used to help local hospitals discharge medically fit patients has been found destroyed. It was stolen last Wednesday evening from Northfleet.

The minibus was taken from Coldharbour lane and was discovered by Kent police today. The minibus has been completely gutted by fire. It is the worst time possible for this to happen and just highlights some of the people living in the UK.

If they find those responsible, long prison sentences should be given

This minibus was used to provide vital transport to enable people living with dementia to attend The Beacon Day Support. However, with this service suspended the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support Services had been using the bus to help local hospitals discharge medically fit patients into their care at home service.

An appeal has been set up to help the charity obtain a new minibus, so that they can continue their important services. You can find more information about the appeal here.

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