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Kent Follows Good Friday Lockdown Rules

On an exceptionally hot Good Friday, the good people of Kent seem to be following the lockdown instructions.

The government had been expecting a lot of people to go out and break the lockdown, but the police in Kent are reporting good results across the county.

Kent beaches were relatively empty, with only one family given a warning for travelling to a Kent beach from London.

Maidstone High Street was almost empty too, as people chose to stay indoors or do some gardening. This is good news for the authorities who were fearing the worst.

There are still three days remaining of the long weekend, so it is hoped that the sensible following of the rules will continue. Temperatures are expected to be up to 26 degrees Celsius tomorrow, so it will either make people want to be outside or could help by keeping cool indoors.

The only fly in the ointment is the number of people using DIY shops, across the whole country. Many are using the click and collect facility to order goods, with a queue of over 300,000 users at once point. Many orders are ‘non-essential’ It is not breaking the law, but is definitely not ‘in the spirit’ of following the current advice during this pandemic. A lot of people see the long weekend as a great opportunity to get some DIY done or do some work in the garden, but if it is not essential, please think of those NHS workers who will be indoors all weekend, trying to save lives.

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