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Kent Libraries Close Today For Indefinite Period

All of Kents 99 libraries will be closing today due to the Coronavirus. This is to try and prevent the spread of the virus, which can reside on surfaces for up to 72 hours.

Libraries in Kent have already endured a difficult time over recent years, with visitor numbers down 25% and borrowed items down 44%, according to stats obtained from The Shepwayvox Team.

With technology take over, information is more easily available online meaning that the younger generation are not using libraries. It is a shame that during this long period of isolation, people will not be able to make use of these books to keep themselves entertained.

If these libraries are not used more, councils will see their closure as a way of cutting costs. But as with our churches and pubs, once they shut, it will be very difficult to ever replace them.

Sadly, library use is going to be impossible over the upcoming weeks, which means that people will revert to technology once more.

There are differing opinons in the community about if these closures are the right thing to do. One local said “I’m sure if they only let a few people in at a time, the library could stay open and allow us to access some books to read”.

Another person we asked said “Oh ma gawd, I can’t read anyway. I’m going home so please get out of my way”.

Do you think closing Kent’s libraries is the right thing to do? Add a comment below and let us know your thoughts..

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