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McDonald’s To Close All Restaurants

Restaurant group McDonald’s have announced that they will be closing all their restaurants tomorrow. This is to protect their staff during the virus outbreak. There will be no takeaway or drive thru service either.

It said in a statement “We have taken the ‘difficult decision’ to shut all UK branches. This is not a decision we are taking lightly but one made with the well-being and safety of our employees in mind as well as in the best interests of our customers”. We always thought that McDonald’s idea of the best interests of their customers was to keep pushing burgers down their throats.

There will undoubtedly be panic buying tomorrow as people queue up to get their last taste of Big Mac sauce and plastic cheese for a while. People are already expecting long queues and mayhem as McDonald’s can be busy, even on quiet days.

will this be the first of many fast food chains to close

You could hear chins drop across Kent as the news was transmitted. Some people have probably never gone more than a week without a burger and now they are going to have to go cold turkey – quite literally….. at KFC, until they close too.

With the number of places to eat reducing by the day, it is going to place even more pressure on our already struggling supermarkets. There will come a point where there are only a few places to get food, which will result in public gatherings.

One alarmed member of the public, after hearing the news of the closure, said “Your joking. You mean I’m going to have to cook?”.

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