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HomeNewsKent Police Criticised For Classifying Rapes as Non-Emergency Crime

Kent Police Criticised For Classifying Rapes as Non-Emergency Crime

Kent Police are facing criticism after a poster displayed in its station window in Maidstone that classed rape and sexual assault as ‘non-emergency’ crimes was shared online.

The poster – a black-and-white A4 printout – told local people how ‘non-emergency enquiries’ can be shared with the police force via an online form, and listed rape and sexual assault in the same category as anti-social behaviour, fraud and road traffic incidents.

The Kent Police poster – which has since been taken down

It is unclear when the sign was first displayed, though a Kent Police spokesperson confirmed it had since been removed.

The poster in question was put up by a member of police staff at the front counter in Maidstone police station but has since been removed and replaced by a poster clarifying our advice about how best to report crimes to us,’ the spokesperson said.

Since the poster issue, Detective Chief Superintendent Emma Banks – the head of protecting vulnerable people at Kent Police has released a statement saying the force takes the investigation of sexual assaults ‘extremely seriously’.

Anger at Kent police comes at the same time as the Met report has been released, claiming the Met police cannot be trusted to police itself. The report also goes on to say that the Met may harbour many more predatory officers like Sarah Everard’s killer Wayne Couzens and serial rapist David Carrick.

People have been quick to respond to the poster, with one saying ‘This just goes to show how done out this country is getting!’

Another added ‘Its plainly in our faces, the police are no longer interested in crime.’

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