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Kent Welcomes A Further 35 Illegal Immigrants Today

Kent said ‘Hello’ to a further 35 illegal immigrants on Wednesday as they arrived in a large 7 metre rib boat. Observers said this was one of the largest boats they have seen to make the crossing and shows that there are traffickers behind these crossings.

The RNLI and UK Border Force were involved in the resuce, once again taking essential services away from UK citizens.

As anger grows across the nation, news has emerged of a young migrant that has been assaulted just moments after stepping onto UK land. Police investigating the incident on Kingsdown beach near Deal are keen to identify the person responsible.

More immigrants arrive a Costa Del Dover to receive £40 a week

Natalie Elphicke, MP for Dover and Deal, responded to the incident saying “While urgent action is needed by the French and the Home Office, there is no excuse for violence or vigilante behaviour.”

People expect to see this crisis being dealt with and there is growing frustration that the channel crossings are not being stopped. Whilst there may be ‘wheels in motion’ inside Westminster to deal with the crisis, there does not seem to be any clear visible action to prevent migrants arriving.

Earlier, KCC said that it is now unable to cope with any more migrants. The authority’s resources such as social workers, independent reviewing officers, care workers and suitable accommodation have been “exhausted” by the ongoing crisis.

It will now be up to Border Force to identify another UK local authority with capacity to safely care for them for which they can be transferred into the care of. The Union for Borders, Immigration & Customs, explained that it is likely that children will be passed over into the care of authorities in Surrey and Sussex, which will be great news to people living in those counties.

So far in 2020, 23 people smugglers have been jailed and two suspected traffickers have recently been charged and will now be kept in a nice lifestyle in prison as taxpayers expense. This is undoubtly just the tip of the people smuggling iceberg and whilst there is still money to be made, people smuggling is likely to continue.

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