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HomeNewsMajor Water Leak Causes Supply Issues For Maidstone Residents

Major Water Leak Causes Supply Issues For Maidstone Residents

A burst water main in Detling has left a water company struggle to maintain water supply as it’s storage tanks run low. The burst happened on a local pipeline at Detling which supplies water to these areas of the town late Thursday (25th June) afternoon.

Residents in Linton, Bearsted, Boughton Monchelsea and surrounding areas of Maidstone are being urged to only use water for drinking, cooking, washing and flushing toilets to ensure there is enough water in the system over the next few days.

the rain on saturday should help

The company’s underground storage tanks, which hold treated drinking water for short periods before flowing to customers’ taps, have run extremely low due to the burst.

Steve Andrews, South East Water’s Incident Manager, said on Friday 26th June: “Our repair team worked extremely hard in challenging conditions overnight to complete the complex repair on the burst pipe at Detling. While they have done a superb job ensuring our customers in Maidstone wake up to water this morning, the burst, coupled with extremely high demand for water due to the hot weather yesterday, has left our treated water storage tanks in the area low”.

He continued “I am sorry to all customers affected by the burst last night and I would like to thank them for their ongoing patience today while we work to refill the area’s drinking water network.”

The heatwave has seen an increase in demand for water across the county. One local customer, who was seen filling a large pool in their garden, said they had no idea of the current as “they did not have access to the internet”.

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