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Nigel Farage Gives The Boot To The Woodland Trust

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has posted a video on social media condemning the recent actions of the Woodland Trust and says that ‘We must stop them and their eco-vandalism madness’.

The lovable rouge has taken some time away from Brexit to raise awareness of the Woodland Trust cutting down hundreds of trees on forests along the North Downs in the name of ‘safety’.

Nigel states that he became aware of the issue after walking his dog through local woods. When he contacted the Woodland Trust, he was informed that they had to clear trees near pedestrian paths, to prevent branches falling onto walkers.

He says that it is ‘health & safety regulations gone mad’ and that people who walk through forests expect to see some trees. It is clear that the Woodland Trust are in such fear of prosecution from someone being injured by a falling branch, that they are clearing most of the trees that overhang where people are walking.

We must stop them and their eco-vandalism madness.

Many opponents to Nigel have jumped on the opportunity to compare Nigel’s woodland campaign with the new concrete lorry park in Ashford. Although the lorry park has resulted in the loss of more green space in Kent, it is a tenuous link to blame Nigel for the new customs areas that the current Conservative Government has decided to implement.

There has been some issues with Ash dieback, but Nigel says that many more trees are being cut down that are not affected.

The Woodland Trust are in a difficult situation if ‘health and safety’ is indeed the reason for the massive felling operation taking place. They certainly cannot afford a raft of lawsuits from a number of ‘potential’ personal claims that they could be open to, without going ahead with the work.

Surely, we need to find some sensible middle ground when it comes to safety issues, before our woodlands are destroyed. Not only are they the lungs of the earth, but they are home to a great number of animals and insects.

If you go for a walk in a forest, you have to accept there will be some risks. In the same vein, if you go to a motor racing venue, you accept the risk that would could be hit by a piece of debris off a car – it is unlikely but the risks are stated on your ticket at the point of entry.

Whilst you do not have to pay to enter a woodland, surely some public liability signs would highlight the risks to any visitors, without destroying the thing that the visitors have come to enjoy in the first place!

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