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HomeNewsOneMaidstone Introduces #MaidstoneDelivers

OneMaidstone Introduces #MaidstoneDelivers

OneMaidstone, has launched the #MaidstoneDelivers, aimed at helping locals get the essentials they need and keeping businesses running.

OneMaidstone operates the Business Improvement District, which is funded by town centre traders, to serve town centre traders. The BID helps improve the safety, cleanliness and appeal of Maidstone’s busiest area for shopping, working and entertainment.

Traders can use the #MaidstoneDelivers posts across social media, or tag #OneMaidstone – they will share content and advise the public to browse this # for home shopping.

Meanwhile, Kent County Council have announced that older and disabled people will be able to use their bus passes before 9.30am to get around and to the supermarkets for early opening.

A bus, like those occasionally seen in Maidstone

Although these measures are good to support the elderly, there is probably a good number of people that have no idea what a hashtag is or do not use the internet. Please help these people, especially as social media is more familiar to the younger generation, when it is the over 70s that will need extra help at this time.

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