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HomeNewsPolice Hunting 21 Illegal Immigrants On The Run In Deal

Police Hunting 21 Illegal Immigrants On The Run In Deal

Nigel Farage has reported that earlier this morning an illegal vessel landed at Walmer, Kent and 21 illegal immigrants are now on the run.

According to Nigel, the police are now scouring the area looking for those that fled the vessel. Walmer in Deal is not a huge place, so hopefully there are not too many hiding places. How Nigel got this information we do not know, but he must have links to the right people along Kent’s coastline.

It is thought that the illegal immigrants will not be on the run for long, as once captured, a nice hotel room and a mini bar await them. They could be secret agents of the “AA Good Hotel Guide”.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has so far remained quiet after her country was invaded once more. We had a better guarded coastline in WW2 than we do now, at least we could spot the Germans approaching. These days, it’s not until they are a mile inland that someone raises the alarm!

Now they have heard that Easter is cancelled, there are certainly a lot of unoccupied caravans along the Kent coast that can be used. With current lockdown restrictions still in force across the county, we can at least inform the police that they will not find any illegal immigrants sitting on this bench…

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