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Police Stop Unlicensed Music Events In Maidstone And Canterbury

Over 100 people were moved on and sound equipment was seized by officers who closed down two unlicensed music events in east and west Kent at the weekend.  

On Saturday 11th July 2020, officers were called to the woods in Rhodes Minnis, Canterbury at 10.19pm after reports of a music event were received. Around 25 people were dispersed and sound equipment seized.

Members of the public are encouraged to look out for suspicious activity that may indicate an unlicensed music event and report to 101

Later at 10.58pm police were alerted to a music event at a property in Springwood Road, Barming. DJ equipment was seized and 100 people were sent home. Though lockdown restrictions have been relaxed, it remains illegal to socialise in groups of more than six people outside of your own household. There are still social distancing rules in place, therefore when people do meet it is advised people stay two metres apart.  

Kent Police are keen to remind people that those intent on holding unlicensed music events are potentially committing criminal offences and risk arrest and have their equipment seized. The events are not only disruptive to local communities but could also impact the police’s ability to respond to other emergency incidents putting others at risk.  

In addition to noise, litter and concerns over public health, the events rarely have security or medical assistance on hand to protect people attending as a licenced event would have.

Assistant Chief Constable Nicola Faulconbridge said: ‘These unlicensed events are not only illegal but put people at risk and have a significant impact on police resources. The risk of passing on Covid-19 is still a real concern and I would ask people not to organise or attend gatherings of this nature.  Those who continue to ignore our requests and hold events with a blatant disregard for the health and wellbeing of others will have action taken against them and we will not hesitate in seizing equipment and making arrests when appropriate.’

With all that seized music equipment, Kent Police are going to have a cracking Christmas party this year!

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