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Questions About Proposed Wrotham Lorry Park

As investigations by locals into the proposal of a new lorry park continue, many questions are being asked.

Moto are the company behind the 200-lorry park plans, are being faced with a number of queries relating to their marketing material. The company have produced a website where they make their claims as to the necessity of the park. But all does not appear to be true.

Excerpt taken from Moto’s promotional website

Moto are claiming that there is an identified need to Kent County Council for overnight lorry parking within the Wrotham area.

When a resident contacted KCC to verify this point, they were informed that it is simply not true. KCC said they had no requirement for a lorry park at Wrotham.

There are also a number of other suitable sites that have been identified. For Moto to claim that ‘there is a lack of alternative locations’ is completely misleading. They should at least be stating the other sites and then justify why Wrotham- in their opinion- is the most suitable above the others.

Residents have also spoken to a number of HGV drivers about the suitability of the Wrotham site. The majority have responded to say that Wrotham is not a place that they would need to stop.

With it being less than an hour to the Dover port, most drivers would plan their route so they could have their rest stop at Dover or on a ferry. Wrotham is seen as an unsuitable location.

It would appear that Moto have not been completely honest in their promotional material. As a private company their only concern is to make a profit. It does make you wonder what other ‘half-truths’ they have used to make the proposed site look more appealing?

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