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Sewage Dumping In Sea To Continue For 15 Years

According to the Liberal Democrats, last night 292 Conservative MPs voted to allow sewage dumping by water companies in our rivers and coasts for at least 15 more years.

In the last two years alone, water companies in England dumped raw sewage 775,568 times over 5,768,679 hours. The new regulations would permit dumping to continue for 15 more years.

Although the Liberal Democrats say that their MPs voted against these weak targets to attempt to force the Tories to set far stronger targets, a number of Tory MP’s from Kent voted in favour.

The Liberals have posted a list of every MP that voted in favour of the bill. Are you able to find your MP in the list?

It is time we stopped taking our environment for granted and start looking after it. Our seas are for marine life, exercising and food. They are not a dumping ground for sewage. Would you really want to eat beef that had been standing in a field of human excrement for months?

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