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Small Boat Crisis Is Now A Massive Issue

UKIP leader Neil Hamilton has said that Tory ministers ‘are paralysed’ and have no balls’ after another thousand migrants arrived into Kent.

As anger grows at the increasing number coming to the UK, Neil said ‘they should be locked up in internment camps on arrival, not put into hotels. Fast-track cases & deport them. They all come from France – a safe country. Deport the ministers too’.

As the country waits for the Home Secretary Suella Braveman to do something. Not only is there a growing number of hotels being taken over to house the migrants, the numbers now crossing on a daily basis has become colossal.

If one thousand people can attempt the journey on a freezing cold January day, how many will be arriving when the weather changes and the seas return to calm? It is predicted that at least 65,000 will make the crossing in 2023, although many think the number will be a lot higher. Apart from a few children, the majority of the thousand people arriving yesterday were young males.

It has been revealed that plain clothed members of the military are now patrolling Kent’s beaches, on the lookout for small migrant boats that make it past Border Force and Royal Naval patrols in the Channel. What they are actually going to do when faced with thirty young men is anyone’s guess!

Ministers meanwhile, have been focussing on changing a law that states ‘video footage that shows people crossing the Channel in small boats in a “positive light” will be added to a list of illegal content that all tech platforms must proactively prevent from reaching users’.

Quite how they expect online platforms to manage this is unknown. It is quite easy to go onto online platforms such as TikTok and see people advertising Channel crossing services and selling ‘the dream’ of coming to the UK. As TikTok is a product of China, there is little that the UK Government can actually do about it.

But it makes them look good for trying to fix a minor problem and deflect attention from dealing with the actual issues of stopping the boats from getting here.

Whilst the Government continue to be paralysed, the migrant numbers will continue to grow and crimes committed by migrants staying in hotels will also continue to rise.

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