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Thief Caught With Stolen TV On Car Roof

In celebration of it being Friday, we are pleased to announce this weeks ‘stupid criminal of the week’ award. Today our trophy is awarded to couple of absolute clowns from the Swale area.

This numpty decided to try and steal a huge, brand new television from a store. The TV was so new that it was still in its original box. Sadly for our little pilfering person, their greed was much bigger than their common sense, as when they got to their getaway vehicle, they discovered that they could not get the box, and TV into the car.

So what does any would-be-thief do in a situation like this?

Dump the telly and make haste away from the scene of the crime? No! Of course not. Who would let a brand new huge TV slip through their fingers?

They decided to tether it to the roof of the car with a piece of old rope.

Unfortunately for our ‘Oceans 11’ crew, a keen-eyed police patrol was on the A249 and spotted the car with stolen TV on the roof.

The ‘crims’ were promptly pulled over and arrested on the spot. The TV was seized but in what was a ‘slam-dunk’ for the police, the vehicle was also uninsured too. The vehicle was also seized.

In the final three pointer of the night, one of the theifs was also caught wearing a jacket that they had stolen from the same shop

Our two ‘master criminals’ are now keeping a cell warm at the local police station.

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