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Van Driver Stopped Whilst Carrying Illegal Waste

Police have stopped a van driver in Kent after discovering a haul of illegal waste. The driver was pulled over by police in Dartford last week.

On inspection of the van, they found it was full of oil drums and scrap metal. It was discovered that the driver held neither a Waste Carriers nor scrap collectors licence.

It is unknown where the driver was heading too, but it is doubtful that he was going to discharge the waste legally.

As part of their work tackling illegal carriage of waste materials the police have passed the details to Dartford Borough Council for further investigation. That may take some time then!

With Councils charging £4 per bag of rubble, it is no surprise that fly tipping is on the increase as people look to avoid the charge. Sadly it would appear that this is not the first load of illegal waste that this particular van has carried.

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