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Windy Weather Causes Problems Across Kent

Gusty weather is causing disruption across Kent today, as high winds batter the county. The weather service has said winds will reach up to 35mph although it does appear that gusts could be reaching as high as 60mph.

Commuters have been warned to be careful this morning as debris and falling branches could cause injury. There have also been a number of fallen trees on minor roads causing disruption.

The winds are expected to continue until early afternoon, although intermittent gales are expected until tomorrow.

The QE2 bridge at Dartford has been closed this morning, leading to long queues on the Essex side as traffic is forced to use the second tunnel.

The Environment Agency have also warned about the risk of flooding. Along the Thames, flood barriers have been deployed to prevent flooding from a high tide.

River levels are expected to be high as a result of spring tides and a closure of the Thames Barrier. Water will be maintained within the downstream network of flood defences, which include river walls, embankments and flood gates, however flooding of low lying footpaths and open spaces is possible for 1-2 hours around high tide at around 12:45.

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