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What You Know Now That You Did Not Before Lockdown

For many, it is now day 57 of lockdown. You may feel like you are stuck in a rut, since the Coronavirus took hold. Some may have feelings of not being able to move forward or develop yourself. But it may surprise you just how much you have learned over the past 57 days. Here are just some examples of things you will probably know today, that you did not know at the beginning of lockdown:-

🔸 You know about a Chinese city called Wuhan and that it has anĀ Institute of Virology
🔸 Wuhan is now the least popular tourist destination on earth
🔸 You know what ‘furlough’ means (and PPE)
🔸 You can now make a meal out of two carrots, one onion and an egg
🔸 You do not use as much toilet roll as you thought
🔸 Your wheelie bin has been out more than you have this year
🔸 You can now play ‘Through The Keyhole’, whilst watching the News
🔸 You will now be admired for walking around outside with your face covered
🔸 The more sleep you get, the more you feel tired
🔸 People with important jobs can still do stupid things
🔸 You know what you look like with long hair
🔸 If a lot of people buy gas or electric, the price goes down. Inversely, if you DO NOT buy petrol, the price goes down
🔸 Your boss cannot tell you it’s not possible for you to work from home any longer
🔸 Being a primary school teacher is one of the hardest jobs
🔸 People doing some of the most important jobs do not get paid the highest salary
🔸 You know how to survive a Pandemic
🔸 A person has taken anti-malaria tablets to stop getting Coronavirus – thanks President Trump
🔸 Bleach will not stop you getting Coronavirus, but it could kill you – thanks again, President Trump
🔸 President Trump knows nothing about science
🔸 Cycling is harder than you imagined
🔸 Whilst a global pandemic is happening, people still buy van loads of non-essential items online
🔸 Most people in Cornwall do not like Gordon Ramsay
🔸 You know what it feels like to be retired, such as getting less money than normal, not working on a daily basis but not being able to go out anywhere
🔸 It’s now a lot easier to avoid people that you do not like
🔸 Canned beer will never taste as good as beer served in a public house
🔸 You now recognise your neighbours
🔸 You can survive without takeaway food
🔸 You have discovered that some footpaths lead to nowhere
🔸 You can now talk on a video call with confidence
🔸 When out on a bicycle or horse, people driving past you in large cars do not slow down. Those in hot hatches speed up!
🔸 During a lockdown, MP’s still manage to get their hair cut
🔸 Every difficult financial decision during the next 5 years will be blamed on Coronavirus
🔸 WiFi signal gets worse as the weather gets hotter
🔸 When the world ends, only cockroaches and delivery drivers will remain

Add your own in the comments below and let us know what you have learned during lockdown….

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