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27 Migrant Boats Arrive In Dover

At least 27 boats have arrived in Dover yesterday after what had been a quiet few days due to high seas in the Channel. There was an estiamted 400 migrants who made it across to the UK.

Meanwhile, photos have appeared showing dozens of migrants embarking from the French coast at Gravelines beach, near Dunkirk in the twilight and their smugglers scurrying back up the dunes after seeing them off. There are fears that there will be a last dash for migrants to make the journey before the Winter weather arrives.

an ideal opportunity for french police to arrest the smugglers – but the police were not there!

Border Force deployed extra resources as crossings resumed, with boats containing as many as 30 people spotted in the busy shipping route.

Authorities were forced to make use of lifeboats at 8am to collect those making the illegal crossing as Border Force vessels were already full to capacity.

What will be hugely disappointing for UK authorities is the ease that the people smugglers are able to send the migrants on their journey. It is clear from the photos that the smugglers are on the beach and then leave soon afterwards as they head back up the beach.

French police were seen checking the beach on Monday morning, but none were present on Tuesday when the 27 dinghies set off. It is amost as if it is planned that way deliberately?!

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