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HomeNews7,532 Migrants Reach UK This Year As 100 Arrive On Monday

7,532 Migrants Reach UK This Year As 100 Arrive On Monday

A further 100 people made the journey to the UK from France last Monday, as the total for the year has now risen to over 7,500.

The UK Border Force were busy again as they intercepted another 7 boats and helped to bring the illegal immigrants ahore in Dover. It was the second highest total this month after 170 successfully made the crossing on Saturday.

People traffickers are helping the rise in crossings, with criminals hiring French fishing boat crews to carry desperate migrants halfway across the Channel to evade military drones. Once in open water, asylum seekers clamber into pre-inflated dinghies held in the fishing boat to complete the rest of the perilous 21-mile Channel crossing.

Immigration minister Chris Philp said “These journeys are not only dangerous and illegal but also unnecessary. France is a safe country with a well-functioning asylum system and there is no need to leave France by small boat”.

Meanwhile a French minister said France is an unsafe country and it is better for the migrants to join the ‘Roast Beefs’, with all the lovely facilities, handouts and ‘Welcome Parties’ that they offer.

On Saturday, asylum seekers who are currently being housed at Napier Barracks were warmly welcomed to the UK. Hundreds of people lined the streets in Folkestone to welcome refugees today with a special ‘Welcome Party’.

There was no expense spared with these ‘Welcome’ banners

Around 250 people gathered outside Napier Barracks from around 11am, with their special welcome signs. The supporters held up signs, played music, danced and called out to the residents at the camp. We are sure it made all the difference to the asylum seekers inside the barracks.

Whilst the ‘welcome party’ was taking place, another 170 illegal immigrants were making their way up Kent’s beaches.

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