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Albanians Cross Channel in Stolen Boat

Up to fifteen Albanians managed to cross the Channel to the UK yesterday in a stolen boat. The fifteen illegal immigrants where apprehended by UK border Force officers in Rye, Kent.

Although it is reported that 15 people were found, there were eighteen life jackets that were found in the boat. It is believed that the £70,000 boat was stolen from Boulogne, France.The photos (courtesy of Chris Johnson) show that the straps that attach the boat to it’s trailer had been severed.

They Should be returned to France to face justice for stealing the boat!

There are now calls for the illegal immigrants to be returned to France immediately. There is an argument that as these people come from Albania, it is not a war zone so cannot claim asylum and should therefore be returned straight away.

The fact that they only made it to the UK by stealing a boat is another good reason, although harder to prove. This is until the rightful owner comes forward at least, but there is a small chance of France supplying this information if it results in 15 imigrants being handed back to them.

Perhaps the boat should be sold and the resulting cash be used to support these illegal immigrants at her majesty’s pleasure as they are sent to the army barracks in Folkestone before being returned as soon as possible.

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