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Car Seized After Drift Meeting

Police officers were monitoring a car drift meeting between Larkfield and Leybourne, Kent on Saturday night (27th January 2024) to ensure no anti-social behaviour or traffic offences were being committed.

Despite the police putting a Section 34 Dispersal Order in place as part of ‘Operation Drift’, and the best efforts of most people to keep within the law, two vehicles were seized and others were reported.

A Toyota Supra was spotted driving carelessly and already had been given a S59 warning where the use of the vehicle is causing/likely to cause alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public. Therefore the police were able to seize from a rather unhappy owner.

The owner will need to report to a nominated police station from the next working day onwards, with proof of ownership, insurance and licence to get their car back. Once the vehicle is authorised for release they would then have to pay the recovery costs/storage costs for the vehicle.

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