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City Councillor Is Taking the Pee…Literally!

Canterbury councillor Ashley Clarke has advised residents to wee on their compost rather than buying a new garden waste bin. He suggests that residents can save money by taking up composting rather than paying a £45 fee for an annual garden waste collection.

The top story, originally reported at KentOnline, is just another hair-brained scheme for poor local residents. Similar to other parts of the county, garden waste is now seen as an additional service, which residents now have to pay for. To purchase a new bin is £52, plus the annual charge for collection. Not only do oyu have to pay, but there is a good chance that your bin will still not be emptied..

just don’t get caught going to the toilet in your garden

We have received reports that “paid for” bin collections have not been happening and bins are being left unemptied. Not only is this a major inconvenience to residents who leave their bins on the streets for days at a time, it is a paid service which is not being done.

When a local resident called the council to complain, she was told that the collections were done by a private contractor and there is nothing they could do about it. The resident then asked for a refund for the missing collection, only to be told it would be less than £1. The council were not interested in helping at all. A bit like “computer says no” then.

Male urine is better than females …apparently!

Back to our original story, Councillor Clarke also describes the new service as “utterly bonkers”, which is encouraging news from someone representing the council. Councillor Clark continues “you could pee into a watering can and then sprinkle it over the compost, or there’s the more athletic method of just going straight out there and doing it direct. There’s a certain degree of risk at being spotted in your garden. But it can be applied discreetly”. Nice advice, especially for the athletes amoung us!

Urine acts as a chemical accelerator and is rich in nitrogen and phosphorusprovides, which helps plants to grow. This is probably why you can see so many weeds and clumps of grass growing in Kents numerous alleyways and gutters.

We are not sure how Kent folk will take to this advice, but has councillor Clarke really taken the time to consider the repercussions. He mentions that people can do this discreetly, but there is a certain type who will just go straight to the source. So how many residents are going to get arrested for indecent exposure in the upcoming summer months?

Not only that, but has he considered the aroma? Urine has quite a potent scent, especially in the height of summer. We are not sure that we would want to live next door to a keen gardener, whose lovely flower patch smells like the back end of the local pub. Let’s hope that residents do not take up this advice, or go a step further and decide to help their neighbours with a ‘little’ contribution – it could lead to all sorts of unpleasantness in the suburbs.

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