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Disabled Migrant Arrives In Kent Via A Dinghy

An astonishing photograph has emerged on social media showing a disabled migrant in a wheelchair being helped by UK Border Force staff.

The person arrived via a dinghy and was helped into Dover by Border Force officers. It is unclear if the person is disabled or was just injured on the journey and is receiving assistance, although it does appear on first appearances that they are a genuine wheelchair user. The photo was taken on 1st July 2022 at 11.01am and was posted by @ActivePatriotUK.

If the person is suffering with a permanent disability, it is incredible that not only would they risk their life crossing the Channel in a dinghy, but how have they managed to do it whilst needing a wheelchair?

If the French say they are patrolling their coastline, how is it even possible for the people traffickers to get someone in a wheelchair across the beach and then into a dinghy without being seen?

Although it is clearly awful to be disabled, how could this journey have been enabled and facilitated? Some are saying that if she is a genuine wheelchair user, then it must be collusion between French & GB agencies, otherwise this passage would not have been possible.

So she can cross several free countries, clamber down a Beach and get in a dingy but on arrival needs a wheelchair ?

Questions are now being asked about the extra support and benefits this person could be entitled to in the UK. It would be very doubtful that the UK will put them onto a plane to Rwanda!

It surely must be an embarrassment for the UK Navy who are supposed to be helping to stop the flow of migrants.

There has been no comment so far from the UK Home Office.

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