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Folkestone Locals Demand Action Over Sewage Leak

People living in Folkestone have asked for urgent action after Southern Water allowed raw sewage to spill into the sea last week.

A pollution warning was issued for Folkestone beach following reports of a sewage overflow. The government’s department for environment, food and rural affairs (Defra) advised against bathing, with the alert set to be in place until Saturday 13th August 2022. The update read “Bathing is not advised, due to pollution from sewage.”

Surfers Against Sewage has also issued an update stating there has been discharge from two sewer overflows.

Bathing not advised due to the likelihood of reduced water quality

Southern Water admitted the leak but tried to play down the incident by saying ‘On the night of 11th August our Broomfield Park wastewater treatment site experienced high gas levels, activating a safety system and halting pumps in order to protect the site and the working environment for our staff”.

“This resulted in the release of wastewater via the long sea outfall, 2.7km out to sea for approx. 170 minutes. Our team responded quickly and safely to rectify the situation, and restarted the pumps. We are very sorry that this release happened and are undertaking an investigation to prevent this from happening again.”.

Locals are fed up with the constant incidents which mean they cannot use the sea. There have been numerous issues with Southern Water and this is just another one to add to the list. Even though DEFRA say the sea will be ok by 13th August, all the sewage could still be lying on the seabed.

What is even more frustrating is that the region is in the middle of a drought, so there is no floodwater, which is the usual reason for a release of sewage into the sea.

One frustrated local said ‘We need MP intervention here. This company is continually polluting the sea around Kent and enough is enough’.

Another person said ‘An overflow at any time is unacceptable, but it’s completely inexcusable when we are in a heatwave and there are lots of people wanting to use the beaches’.

Everyone is fed up of the list of excuses because it keeps happening over and over again. Another apology does not clean up the sea and it is not good enough.

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