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Illegal Mask Sign At Petrol Station

An eagle-eyed person has spotted an illegal sign at a petrol station on the A20.

The person highlighted the ‘mask’ sign at a Rontec run BP station near Swanley.

The sign states “No Mask – No Entry” and also says “Please respect Other Customers Space”.

The problem with the sign is that there is no mention of allowing customers in to the shop if they are exempt from wearing a face mask. Regulations say signs must mention exemptions, otherwise it is classed as discrimination.

Thanks to the rather flaky rules by the Government, is is now confusing about who needs to wear a mask and who should not. Also, it is not appropriate for non-mask wearers to have to wear a badge to signify that they are exempt, so in theory anyone can walk into the shop without a mask.

One person made a very good suggestion that once your tank is full of petrol, are they not going to allow you in to pay? That could present some very interesting scenarios.

Another person said that companies do these signs to show they are complying so they don’t get closed down, but are not policing it. That would still be classed as discrimination if taken to court.

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