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Jeff Brazier Promotes Burglaries with Peoples Post Code Lottery Cheque

Celebrity Jeff Brazier was in Kemsley today giving out cheques to eight lucky residents. Jeff, who is an ambassador for the Peoples Post Code lottery was awarding the winners each with a cheque for £30,000 each. Some of the lucky people were even happy to have their photo taken whilst holding their winning cheque.

What has been a happy event for the residents has also been good news for any burglars who are lucky enough to be reading the news. Thanks to Jeff and his photographer, we now all know where the lucky winners live. On the bottom of each of the winners cheque, was the Post Code. Now it does not take an expert to pop onto Google Maps to find out where they all live.

“Thank you people’s POST CODe LOTTERY” said one potential burglar

One lucky winner was happy to explain that he will be using the money for a one-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia. So his place will be empty for a number of weeks.

For the safety of the residents, we have hidden the actual Post Code in the photo.

We are sure that there will be plenty of new TVs, iPads, cars and more arriving in the street over the next few months. Thanks to Jeff we can all pop round and see just what they won. Let’s hope the residents all decide to buy some top of the range security systems too!

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