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Join The ‘Save Capel’ Campaign On 28th Nov

People across Kent are being asked to join in with the Save Kent’s Green Spaces day of action taking place on 28th November 2021.

On this day campaign groups across Kent are collectively challenging development on more than 10,000 acres of the county’s green space, much of which is prime agricultural land and green belt.

Members of the ‘Save Capel’ campaign say they are supporting the day and will be out in numbers.

There are 18 (and growing) campaign groups which will be taking part on Sunday, with activities in their local areas planned for the day of action, all trying to stop the rampant development that is threatening to destroy the Garden of England.

this is a Day of Action to highlight the potential loss of far too much of Kent’s green spaces to greedy developers

The Save Capel campaign is raising awareness of the plans and gathering evidence and arguments to oppose the Tudeley and East Capel proposals in the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Local Plan.

TWBC has included 2,100 new houses in Tudeley in the plan period to 2038 (recently increased from 1,900) and 2,160 new houses in East Capel between Five Oak Green and Paddock Wood.

The campaigners say that the size and scale of the developments proposed in the Tunbridge Wells Local Plan are clearly going to be beyond anything Capel can cope with.

You can find out more about the Save Kent’s Green Spaces day by viewing their Facebook page (if anyone still uses Facebook!) here.

There is also plenty more information available if you visit the SaveCapel website here.

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