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Kent Police Issue Advice For Driving In Snow

After a few inches of snow haven fallen across the county over the last 48 hours, Kent police have been quick to issue advice to help drivers.

Drivers in the UK are not used to driving on snow or ice as we usually only get a small amount perhaps once or twice a year. We do not install snow chains or winter tyres on our vehicles, so have to make do with standard tyres – and usually 2wd cars!

The police have listed 4 main items to be aware of, to avoid having an accident

1. Clear all snow and ice from your windscreen, windows and roof before setting off.

2. Maintain the right speed for the conditions

3. Stopping distances are up to 10 times greater on snow and ice

4. Leave even more space between you and the car in front than you normally would.

KentNews.Online would also advise you to do the following if you are setting out in your vehicle:

1.Take extra winter clothes, hat, gloves, wellie boots and a blanket in case you breakdown or get stranded

2. Ensure you have your mobile phone and that it is fully charged in case you need to ring for help

3. If you are going on a long drive, pack some simple food provisions plus if you are posh, take some hot tea or coffee in a thermoflask

4. Inform someone where you are going and let them know when you have arrived.

5. Pack a spade or shovel so that you can dig your car out if you get stuck.

6. If you are amazing at being prepared, take a bag or bucket or rock salt with you, which you can use around your tyres to get grip

7. Use 2nd gear to pull away instead of 1st gear.

8. Use your throttle very gently and if you come to an icy section, try to keep the car moving, even if slowly. It is difficult to get traction again if you stop completely.

9. Do not even contemplate driving up Bluebell Hill or Detling Hill unless you really have to or have some sort of ‘Bear Grylls’ survival mentality!

The safest option is to stay indoors in front of the fire and not go out at all, but we understand that is not an option for everyone. Be safe on the roads and don’t be the numpty that loses control and hits the central reservation on the motorway!

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