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Large Potholes Found On A2 Bypass

There has been a number of large potholes discovered on the Boughton Bypass. The north bound A2 dual carriageway has become a minefield for drivers.

The holes have been mainly found on the inside lane and is a major issues for motorists. They have been getting progressively larger and will be causing damage to cars if left unattended.

Other dangers involve drivers swerving into the fast lane to avoid the holes and a few near misses have occured. As the road surface breaks up around the holes, there is a number of stones which are now dangerous.

THE a2 bypass is a fast road and these potholes need urgent attention

Locals have tried to report this issue, but have found telephone lines engaged on unanswered. The potholes have been growing larger and larger over a few weeks, whilst the Highways staff have been enjoying their Christmas parties, and they now need to be fixed urgently.

We asked motorists on the A2 bypass what they thought of the potholes. “They’re bloomin big” said one, whilst another told us “My car nearly got stuck in it”. 100% of people we asked said they were not happy with the state of the road. Another motorist started to get aggressive, arguing that pothole is in fact two seperate words and not one word, so we made a quick getaway, only to damage our front wheel in a deep pothole.

A pot hole. Which looks extremely similar to those found on the A2 Bypass

Please be aware of this issue if you are driving on this road anytime soon. With Christmas around the corner, it is unlikely the road will be resurfaced until there is a big accident – make sure that accident is not you.

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