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More Illegal Immigrants Arriving In UK Today

Another beautiful day in the Channel which leads to another long line of boats full if illegal immigrants heading to Kent’s shores. There have been a reported 7 boats seen heading towards the UK so far today.

Nigel Farage has been out in the Channel earlier today to see exactly what is happening. He says his boat was “the first to reach an inflatable with 13 immigrants aboard”. He has personally witnessed 5 boats and even a kayak making the 22-mile journey to the UK.

this surge of people will continue unabated whilst the uk border controls remains weak

Nigel has even reported that the French Navy ships are assisting the illegal immigrants but have now turned off their transponders to avoid detection by UK authorities.

Now either the French are helping the immigrants head to the UK or are making the point that they have their borders under control and are taking a tougher stance. Sadly the UK does not have its own borders under control and is a lot weaker by not turning the immigrant boats around and sending them back to France.

Also, whoever is supplying these dinghies is making an absolute fortune! Priti Patel, the UK Home Secretary is unavailable for any comments today, apparently she is too busy running her eBay shop “DinghiesForYou”.

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