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Snow Seen In Kent On Easter Monday

Avid weather watchers have seen snow in Kent on Easter Monday. The expected flurry arrived near Ashford and we have the photo of the ‘flake’ to prove it.

Other flakes have been spotted in Sevenoaks and Maidstone. Whilst more snow is though to be on its way, it is not time to get out the snow boots and toboggan just yet.

The North of the country has experienced more snow with Scotland getting the brunt of it as usual, with Sheffield and Harrogate also getting a covering.

Kent can expect to see a few more flurries so sadly the BBQ will not be getting its Easter outing today. It’s almost as if Boris Johnson has planned the weather to keep us all indoors a little bit longer.

The weather experts are predicting only a light covering on hilly areas which will disappear later.

Elsewhere, a giant snowflake was spotted storming out of the ‘Good Morning Britain’ studios last month. That is probably the largest snowflake we will see for the rest of 2021 😉

Snowflake heads to the exit door
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