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Stour Viaduct Gets Council Approval

A controversial new road between A28 and A291 Sturrry Hill, in Canterbury, has been approved last night by Kent County Council. The road will relieve pressure in the highly congested area which will include removing the level crossing which is an accident hotspot.

The plans for a £30 million relief road have now been granted full approval, just in time to make use of a government windfall. The new road will comprise a three-lane 250-metre viaduct, which makes up part of the 0.9-mile bypass.

The plan was refused five months ago due to issues over the proposed route and environmental implications, but the project has now been granted, just as the council were about to lose their government grant.

Canterbury council recently granting permission to build hundreds of homes in the area, with another 5,000 planned near Hersden and Herne Bay. The council will receive money for reaching a pre-determined target of new homes in the area,

the Government need to stop putting pressure on Councils to build housing

They will also receive a government sum of £5.9 million cash – put forward to help finance the project by the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP). If the bypass been rejected, the money would have been used for other projects in Essex.

Ann Davies, who represented Sturry Parish Council, said residents were “angered” about the proposals, warning that the money from SELEP was better needed elsewhere, including affordable housing and a new school. She also complained that the new viaduct will not help traffic and will just cause longer queues up the hill causing more pollution.

Opponents to the new road scheme are annoyed by the councils decision. One said “How does this fit with the ambition to cut vehicular traffic and achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030 or whenever it is?”

Another person said “I predict more houses in Canterbury and more traffic. Well done CCC”.

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