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HomeNewsTen Boats Full Of Immigrants In Channel Force Large Rescue Effort

Ten Boats Full Of Immigrants In Channel Force Large Rescue Effort

There are reports from the Kent coast that a further ten immigrant boats have been spotted. The illegal immigrants are heading for Dover, but thanks to the UK Border Force they do not need to try and complete the full distance of the channel.

The Coastguard is currently coordinating a response to the large number of vessels. They have also dispatched a fixed-wing aircraft, the helicopter from Lydd, the Dover lifeboat as well as the Border Force vessel Speedwell. There are also reports that two French vessels are involved – although it is unsure if they are involved in the rescue or just giving them a helping hand on their journey to the UK.

there is growing anger amongst the kent community

Once again it has been noted that there is no mainstream media coverage of this major incident. The government do not want any coverage of this and seem happy to continue to allow all illegal immigrants to come ashore. There is no information about anyone coming ashore will need to quarantine for 14 days, as per the governments new policy. Perhaps getting in a dinghy and heading for Kent is now the best way to avoid the new rules.

The illegal immigrants will no doubt be tested for Coronavirus, which is frustrating for many UK citizens who are still unable to obtain a testing kit. Just this morning, we are aware of British people who have asked for a test, only to be told there are none available.

Yesterday, the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, told LBC that migrants crossing the Channel by boat is a ‘major, major problem’. She says laws will be strengthened: ‘If you come from a safe country, you’ll be going back to that safe country.’ But how may immigrants will arrive with a passport or indeed reveal where they originate from? They are not going to admit coming from a ‘safe country’ if they think they will get returned. The people traffickers will prime these people to say the ‘right thing’ to stand the best chance of remaining in the UK, once they arrive. The UK needs a tougher stance, that everyone will be returned.

There is no formal total for the number of immigrants rescued from the channel so far this year. There is also no figures for the number of immigrants still on UK territory. This is already a huge problem and looks like it is getting worse by the day. With some hot summer days ahead, we can only expect more immigrants to head for our beaches.

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