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Thanet Council Announce Mental Health Week – To Everyones Dismay

Thanet Council’s communications team are pleased to announce this week is Mental Health Awareness Week.

The team have taken to social media to ask “how are you connecting with nature?”. Well thanks for asking.

Here is Thanet Councils Twitter Post

They have also been good to inform us that “Living in #Thanet, we’re lucky to find a beach or outdoor space relatively nearby. Don’t forget how just a small amount of time out amongst the natural world can support mental health”. Brilliant!


This would not been seen as so ironic if the said same council who has 17,150 houses in local plans, in an area of just 40 sq miles. 87% of these houses will be built on open spaces, such as Kent farmland.

So it would appear that the message is to enjoy your open spaces and nature this week, because it may not be there this time next year!

If that is not enough bad news, when Parliament opened yesterday, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced further relaxation of the UK’s planning laws. The new laws will simplify the planning process, making it more difficult for homeowners to block new housing schemes.

People are now starting to wake up and realise that the Conservatives are set to destroy villages and green spaces across the country. If you thought there were too many new housing estates already, you have seen nothing yet.

One person, who works in the construction industry said” Builders are interested in one thing only and that’s making money for their shareholders and directors . They cram poorly built houses onto sites to maximise profit and blight the landscape with bland house designs that we will be stuck with for 150 yrs. Absolutely no consideration is given to quality and if people could see the way new houses are built they’d buy older houses. Everything you see is superficial, but most new houses don’t age well”.

As another person put it, it isn’t that there are not enough houses, there are just too many people!

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