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Trinity Theatre Makes BBC News To Promote Fundraising Campaign

The Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells has appeared on BBC South East news as it fights to stay open.

The theatre was featured on the TV broadcast yesterday to discuss how they need to raise money. Following three difficult years, dealing with the Covid pandemic, enforced closures, inflation and a cost-of-living crisis, audiences have not returned in sufficient numbers for the owners to run profitably.

Executive Director Nick Mowat explained that the theatre relies wholly on ticket sales, cafe takings, some valuable corporate sponsors, and the support of members through the Friendship scheme and volunteering.

In 2019 Trinity Theatre was doing well, after 37 years of operation, it provided a warm, friendly cultural programme for Tunbridge Wells and whilst some years were more successful than others, there was a strong sense of identity, of community and a recognition of its importance in the cultural landscape of the town. But then a series of issues, including the pandemic have hit them hard.

Trinity theatre would like To continue to deliver high quality cultural experiences for all ages

Trinity used to receive government sponsored grants from the Arts Council during the pandemic, but this has now come to an end. In previous years they received support from TWBC, but this ended in 2020.

The management made some very difficult decisions in 2022 to reduce the staffing. There is now a new management team which will deliver a new set of priorities combining a broad and interesting programme with a greater focus on income generation.

Trinity owners need to raise at least £100,000 by the end of March to meet the short term cashflow needs and to underpin the 2023/24 budget.  They need £25,000 of this by the end of January 2023. They have already made a good start and are on the way to achieving the first target, but every penny helps. You can also donate here.

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