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‘We Will Generate £50BILLION For The UK Economy’ Say London Resort Owners

The owners of the proposed London Resort theme park say that the park will generate £50 billion for the UK economy over 25 years.

The theme park, which is to be located in Kent between Gravesend and Dartford on the Swanscombe Peninsula hopes to open in 2024. It is scheduled to be built on an 872-acre industrial site.

A planning application for the park has been submitted to the Government by its developers for approval. The owners project it to be one of the largest, single-site employers in the UK, with 17,000 employees by 2038. They do not mention the untold amount of congestion it will also bring to North Kent.

This will be so much more

than just a theme park

To coincide with the news of the positive economic impact – which includes the creation of 6,000 construction jobs when the park opens – a new aerial picture has been released of the park, which will feature 50 rides and attractions, including eight huge roller coasters and different zones containing medieval castles and an Aztec pyramid.

As per most artists impressions, the park looks gleaming and photo perfect. There is no sign of yobs having a punch-up, frustrated customers standing in long queues or people vomiting after getting off one of the roller coasters.

From the image, we can see two of the domed rooftops display the British and French flags, indicating that there could still be life after Britain exits the EU.

The park will also feature a 2,000-seat theatre and a huge nightclub, ensuring that local residents no longer get any sleep.

Another image shows the new ferry terminal, where the majority of materials will be delivered. It also shows the local birds fleeing the area.

A public consultation was recently held to get residents’ views on the development and it reportedly reached 120,000 members of the public. It showed that 73 per cent of people support promises from the resort’s backers to enhance local wildlife habitats and support those that exist already. It does not state how many of the 120,000 members of the public actually responded.

Of those who took part, 65 per cent agreed the resort would benefit the local area in the long term. 50% said they were already planning on leaving the area so didn’t actually care.

LRCH has now submitted its planning application to the Government for approval. The application confirms the intent to develop two theme park gates, a waterpark, conference and convention centre and e-Sports facility.  If successful in securing development consent, construction could begin in 2022 with a view to opening in 2024.

People to comment on the project said “Us Brits seem determined to completely mess up the south-east of England.”

A more positive person commented “This won’t work – people want Disney or universal as a special treat”. 

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