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Outrage As Potato Head Family Stripped Of Identity

In the most ridiculous story of the year so far, it has been announced that toy maker Hasbro has decided to rebrand the Mr (or Mrs) Potato Head toy to be gender neutral. What?!

What has become the news story to beat all news stories this week, Hasbro said in a statement it was dropping the honorific from the logo and packaging “to promote gender equality and inclusion.” So from later this year, the toy launched almost 70 years ago, will officially be known as “Potato Head.”

Ok, so own up, is this a decision by a bunch of clowns or is it marketing genius to get the old toy on the front of every newspaper across the world? If it is the former, what on earth are they thinking!

How is teaching our children that gender neutral is the new norm in any way helpful to their development? It certainly did not affect any of the children in my class to play with a toy with ‘Mr’ on the box.

What is funny is that there was a Mr Potato Head toy and a Mrs Potato Head toy. So if you want to create a cross-dressing potato or have a two Dad potato family – go for it! What is a gender neutral potato?!!! Do we have to call it Sam?

It is designed to promote gender equality and inclusion

Hasbro say that “they are re-imagined for the modern consumer”, Well Hasbro, there was nothing wrong with the old consumer. Are we now being discriminated against for liking Mr or Mrs before our potoatoes? I don’t go into my office and get told that I cannnot refer to someone as Mr or Mrs anymore. Why are Hasbro getting sucked in to this stupid ‘correctness’ scenario to appease the 0.01% of people that actually think this is an important issue. It’s a plastic potato for goodness sake!

“The way the brand currently exists — with the ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ — is limiting when it comes to both gender identity and family structure,” Hasbro general manager Kimberly Boyd said. “Culture has evolved”. It has not evolved in my neighbourhood Ms Boyd or do I have to refer to you in gender neutral tones now?

To be honest, there is no problem with straight, gay, lesbian, trans or whatever people choose to be. That is not the issue and of no interest to a child. This is a flipping toy for small children who should enjoy it for what it is. Making up characters and sticking funny faces onto a non-descript spud should be fun. Shame on you Hasbro for not leaving this toy as a toy and for bringing political correctness into a childs world!

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