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Think About Others For Lockdown 2.0

With lockdown only a matter of days away, people are preparing for the new shutdown in a number of ways.

After the announcement from the PM on Saturday evening, there was already a surge of panic buyers at the supermarkets on Sunday morning. Some people were already questioning why essential items such as toilet rolls and pasta had not been limited per shopper.

As this is the second lockdown, there is hope that some residents will be a little bit more prepared, so hopefully the shortages will not be as noticable this time.

Small shops are fearing the worst on the run up to Christmas. Whilst the executives at Amazon and other online retailers are rubbing their hands with glee, the small busienss owners are contemplating their futures. For those that do offer an online facility, they are asking that you use their services rather than go to the ‘big boys’. Whilst it may take you a few minutes longer, it may help to keep them in business, rather than just making the rich owners even richer!

Many are asking why schools and universities are still open. Evidence has shown that the age group of students are one of the biggest spreaders. There have been 12.6 million students plus many teachers and staff mixing every day.

It is thought that within a few weeks, teachers unions will have schools closed and children will be working from home again – let’s hope that they do not leave it too late.

If all this is to allow us to enjoy Christmas with families then perhaps the government need to think again. Not only is lockdown running up huge national debts, which will ned to be repaid by us, most of us detest Christmas with the outlaws anyway. It would have been a perfect quiet Christmas, having the home to your yourself and not having to eat all your favourite chocolates before the hoards of visitors pinch them first.

Thanks to Boris, it looks like Christmas will be back on and everyone will be behaving more crazy than ever, enjoying their freedom after a stay-at-home November. Chances are that there will be shortage of stuffing, delivery drivers will not see their family for most of December and everyone will receive a present in a gift wrapped ‘Amazon’ box.

Whatever happens in November, try and stay positive and look out for your neighbours. Whilst some may enjoy the solitude, others may need a talk to keep their spirits up, especially on these cold, dark nights. There will still be plenty to look forward to and interesting times ahead, such as where will Dominic Cummings drive to get his eyes checked this time?!!!

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