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World’s FIRST Online Interactive Musical Premieres In 3 Days

The FIRST ever Online Interactive Musical aimed for kids, cLock Down, premieres on 26th June! But I would like to invite you for the Live Red Carpet session before!

Get all details and FREE RED-CARPET TICKETS here:


cLock Down tells a magical story that shows how negative emotions we feel during quarantine, more specifically, Sadness, Fear, and Anger can be transformed into happiness. With amazing analogies, grandma Teresa al Dente represents those positive transformations by playing interactive live games with the audience: drawing, pillow fights, and even making a delicious microwave mug cake during the full show, so the guest’s home becomes our stage. In the first musical live tests, children, families, and adults couldn’t stop smiling and running through the house and applauded in the end!

With a team of over 50 of the TOP Portuguese artists, such as Filomena Cautela and the Portuguese Golden Globe Winner, Henrique Feist, a script was made, 7 original songs were written, composed by the biggest maestro in the country, and played live by an orchestra, scenarios were built, unique costumes were made from scratch, and the Experience went live in less than 30 days. All of this was achieved during a full lockdown. The result is pure Magic!

Love from Lisbon,
Chef Pedro
Teresa al Dente

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