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Coronavirus Heads To The UK

Residents in the UK have been warned to keep an eye out for any symptoms relating to the coronavirus as there are possibole reported cases on the mainland.

So far, fifteen cases have been reported in Scotland, with five individuals being quarantined. The report states that they are all chinese nationals that have flown to the UK over recent weeks.

As other cities around the world go into lockdown, medical staff at Heathrow have been busy handing out leaflets. When questioned about why they were not doing more thorough checks, they replied that they are following advice from the WHO (World Health Organisation). Which makes you wonder who the people at other cities have been talking to?

if you have symptoms, do not go out

Current advice is that if you have any symptoms which relate to coronavirus, do not go out. Medics are advising that you do not go to your GP or A&E, but stay indoors and ring the NHS 111 number and help will come to you. Knowing how the current system works, you could be waiting a while. This could just be a ploy to reduce numbers of people waiting at A&Es around the country, but you could call us cynics.

This is a corona around the sun, not the same thing as a virus at all

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to more severe disease. It’s not yet clear how bad this new coronavirus is. Which makes it even more difficult to work out if you have symptoms, especially as we are midway through the UK cold and flu period. Rumours that the virus was named after the light-headed effects caused by drinking too much beer are wide of the mark.

The virus itself is thought to come from people eating bats or snakes. So it is no huge surprise that it originated in China. So far there have been no confirmed cases in England, but with the number of illegal immigrants coming into Kent from overseas, is it just a matter of time before someone brings the virus to us?

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